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What is White Label Payment Gateway?

Creating technology to make the payment process easy and invincible. With quick onboarding, easy integration, fast & secure settlement, multiple payment options, and zero setup fees. PayStudio helps you with growing your online business by delivering your products and services to your customers. We’ll introduce you to the system and answer all of your business-specific questions before the launch.

If you find discrepancies with your credit score or information from your credit report, please contact TransUnion® directly. Don’t waste time and resources trying to develop something that industry experts have already done and are offering to you at a reasonable rate. Relying on a ready-made payment platform empowers you to switch focus from poking around the technical issues to handling business operations and building strong relationships with your clients. How would you like to get instant access to hundreds of connectors to banks and payment methods with a single integration? Simply choose a white-label payment provider with an extensive integrations list – and in an instant, you have access to a variety of connectors. The development of a payment gateway can cost your business a real fortune.

Flexible, full-featured credit card processing services are hard to find, but we can customize a solution for every type of customer. We go the extra mile to ensure that all transactions are encrypted and secure using state-of-the-art payment processing technology. We provide payment services in 196 countries and accept nearly every payment method globally. Securely accept payments online and keep your business and your customers protected at all times. With seamless, hassle-free integration to our payment gateway, you can avoid long integration processes.

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FroogalPay is a user-friendly Virtual Terminal/Invoicing System/Pay Now Button platform for merchants that turbocharges how 135+ payment gateways process credit cards and ACH. Your sales expertise and connections are important because FroogalPay sells through you. FroogalPay relies on your talent to place our software into the hands of merchants. This is a payment platform for developers who are looking to create secure payment experiences for retail, eCommerce, and business applications. Are you looking for an improved way to accept payment transactions but have no time for long integrations and onboarding? Payneteasy’s white-label solution is all about simplifying payment processing and refining the customer service your business provides.

white label merchant services

A virtual gateway allows you to add and implement specific features, intended to meet your particular needs. The solution is less costly in comparison to dedicated servers. As with any collocation service, you are subject to problems that occur when the same hardware is shared by different companies, such as slowdowns etc. Compliance with all regulations and directives affecting your business. We provide open-source examples on Github of integration with our API to simplify the integration path for your engineers.

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As far as end customers are concerned, they will perceive the payment service as being offered by the ISV that rebranded it. There won’t be anything to suggest that a third party is involved in the payment process. It benefits ISVs or SaaS companies looking to offer payments as part of their integrated solutions. By the end of 2021 over 55% of all payments will be made using mobile devices thus mobile payment methods will be on the high demand. Our direct operator billing solution covers over 80 countries and can be used for both the subscriptions and one-time purchases. Banking typically involves many complex processes, most of which often require optimization and regular investments.

  • To ensure a smooth payments experience for your customers, look for a payment platform that has a strong and long-term relationship with sponsors or acquiring banks.
  • Leverage our long-standing relationship with the world’s leading sponsor bank and create an entire payments ecosystem from scratch in as little as 30 days.
  • It encrypts sensitive customer information and sends it securely for further processing.
  • These are just a few examples of the types of businesses that use IXOPAY’s white label solution.

Today you, tomorrow your six years old child on their way to conquer the business world. These are just a few examples of the types of businesses that use IXOPAY’s white label solution. It is also suitable for payment facilitators , banks, open banking providers and merchants.

Boost your business with IXOPAY’s white label solution

The database is stored on your servers to provide data security. Safety.The database is stored on your servers to provide data security and follow the legal regulations of your country. Multicurrency support and conversion tools essential for international merchant activity. Payneteasy’s customizable Risk Management technology is designed to increase approval ratios, and eliminate fraud.

This can help you increase customer loyalty and uniquely respond to every client’s needs. Payment gateways also come with a suite of value-added features that make managing a merchant’s transactions and business easier. These services can include recurring billing, fraud detection, reporting, PCI compliance, tokenization, and more.

white label merchant services

Using a white label payment gateway strengthens the relationship you have with your merchants and puts you in the powerful position to meet, and even exceed, their needs. A license for a payment gateway software product is acquired and the code can subsequently be changed to reflect whatever branding the licensee has. As the code is also licensed (the solution is open-source), white label payment processor the licensee can add any specific features to the solution. Using local and mobile payment methods you will be able to capture any market of the world and the auto-charge option will keep your subscription ongoing. Shorten your time to market, enjoy a flexible user experience and monetize payments in your platform with our suite of pre-built hosted solutions.

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