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How to Build an Incremental Affiliate Marketing Strategy

These data passes are essential for implementing data-driven marketing in the channel. Creating a sense of urgency can also be a powerful way to activate dormant affiliates. This is an especially effective tactic to use when a new product is releasing and the brand is looking for an extra push.

Conversion rate is in line with the affiliate’s expectations, a decent average order size, and their commissions are good enough for them to work on optimization. They then send us a packet of increased exposure opportunities. We introduced the product, got a great understanding of what they need to be successful, not only with this program, but overall. From this meeting with have five things to gather for this affiliate. Our publisher development team compiles a list of affiliates that meet the criteria in the request.

How does the affiliate program know when I should receive credit for an order?

Perhaps your affiliate responded to your welcome letter and your activation campaign, and integrated your links onto his site quickly. Begin activation efforts the second an affiliate is accepted into your program. A welcome letter, which is typically auto-generated, is the first piece of communication affiliate marketing tools the approved affiliate receives from you. Expect to spend 20% of your time optimizing your affiliate program. Select events and product purchases are eligible for commission currently. Please reach out to the dedicated program manager for further detail on current billable events.

Affiliate Marketing Activation

Example of a webinar done with our partner, PartnerHacker.Since you’re intimately familiar with your product or service, this also helps your partner’s sales reps understand how you sell. Best of all, you’ll be actively involved in passing new leads directly to the partner’s reps. Partner activation is about getting your recruited partners moving and excited about the operations, goals, and requirements of your partner program.

Connecting creators and sellers through creativity and commission

Experience in setting up and optimizing Google Adwords campaigns. Cultivate smooth interpersonal relationship with colleagues, management and customers. Perform other duties as instructed which contribute to the effective management of the company. Track conversion rates and making improvements to the website/app. Best in the Business – I’ve known the team at eAccountable for going on 10 years and they’ve never let me down.

Affiliate Marketing Activation

After identifying your program diversification goals, seek partnerships that drive to those KPIs. Discover, Partnerize’s recruitment module, lets you automate the discovery and activation of right-fit partnerships, a cumbersome task in legacy affiliate networks. The module lets you easily find, recruit and activate partners not only from within the platform, but from beyond, for limitless recruitment capabilities that don’t inhibit opportunity. If you’re taking a mobile-first approach to partnerships, there are a few things you need to consider to ensure you provide a seamless experience for both partners and customers. Perhaps the most valuable — and simple — is to offer different commission rates for mobile versus PC or tablet conversions.

Capitalizing on ALL of the Affiliate Growth Opportunities

We hope you use this guide as a foundation to shape campaigns that spark thriving relationships. Reviewing these questions can help you not only understand how effective your campaign was from a KPI standpoint, but also uncover the more subtle ways in which your campaign was successful. While the above are all potential activation tactics that can yield valuable reengagement from partners that were active before, there are some other considerations to keep in mind. This way, you can increase engagement and strengthen relationships with your partners.

  • Remember, the objective is to grow affiliate revenue while reducing your dependence on 2-3 affiliate publishers.
  • During this entire process, that really sometimes takes years to develop, you get to speak to so many affiliates so many different times.
  • All these together allow for a perfect web design ecosystem to help them grow their freelance business even more.
  • You can also ask mid- and low-level partners to complete quantitative surveys.
  • After all, many marketers have traditionally viewed affiliate as a set-and-forget channel.

So, working with an affiliate marketing company can help you benefit from all the advantages the marketing format has to offer. Since 2009, Apogee has exceeded the goals of our clients, delivering exceptional value and helping brands grow through affiliate marketing. Apogee methodology blends the channels of affiliate, public relations, influencer, social media, and digital advertising. Our layered approach influences new customer acquisition through relationship building and visibility. We also have long-term relationships with all the major affiliate networks, leading to deep knowledge of their platforms, access to publishers across all networks and a wealth of industry research.

Affiliate Marketing Activation

As marketers align their affiliate marketing strategies, influencers can partner with you to promote your brand, or offer a direct incentive or discount to entice their followers to become a customer. Embracing a diversified affiliate program enables this omnipresence but to convert your target audience, you need to vary the partner types you work with to appear across their entire path to purchase. A critical component to uncovering the right partner types that will help you extend your audience reach involves recruiting and onboarding new publisher partners that are right for your program. Chances are, your brand is already involved in performance marketing campaigns with affiliates, in which your brand pays a commission to referring companies that drive incremental traffic and sales. In fact, a recent survey of more than 1,200 senior marketers showed that 95% of leading retail, travel and personal finance brands had performance partner programs in place. Further, a variety of industry studies show that the affiliate channel is experiencing double digit growth.

App affiliate networks allow marketers to leverage their established relationships with advertisers, and get access to traffic offers in various verticals and locations. Businesses that operate on a mobile subscription model are always eager to increase their subscriptions to compensate for their churn, and to increase their revenue. Good examples of such offers include music and video streaming services, TV, online radio, and digital magazines. Affiliate marketing comes with a variety of types, business models and verticals that make the concept so complex.

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